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Check tyre pressures during this cold snap

It is even more important to check your tyre pressures in the cold weather as your tyres will naturally lose some air as the temperature drops below freezing.


Even spacesaver spare wheels need checking

Yesterday a customer only just made it home as her spacesaver tyre had lost most of it's air as it had been untouched for years. They give the impression that they are solid tyres but don't be fooled as they are not and over a period of time will lose pressure.


Use a twenty pence coin to check your tyres

The tread on your tyres must exceed 1.6mm in depth and if it does'nt the tyre is illegal and therefore could cost you a fine and penalty points on your licence.Place a 20p coin in the tread groove on your tyres and if the outer line of the coin is hidden within the tread you are ok but if it is visible you could be illegal.


Weather warning for next week

Weather experts are predicting bitterly cold temperatures next week with some areas seeing snow.They have advised motorists to take extra care on the roads so it is advisable to give your vehicle a safety check over the weekend.


It is wise to check the age of your spare tyre

A few of my recent customers have left the spare wheel and tyre on the vehicle for a long period of time after they have replaced a punctured tyre.The problem with leaving the spare tyre on the vehicle is that there is a good chance that the spare tyre could be over five years old and therefore could possibly lose pressure as the tyre has aged. With this in mind it is advised not to leave the spare on the vehicle if it has been in the boot for five years or more.


It's going to be cold and frosty this weekend

It looks like the temperature is going to drop dramatically over the weekend so we could be waking up to dodgy driving conditions. It is even more essential that we all take extra care particularly first thing in the morning as the frost is still about and it is very easy to forget that we are actually still in mid winter.


Snow is on it's way to East Anglia

The weather forecast is suggesting we might get some snow in East Anglia on friday so check your tyres now.


Another two good reasons for fitting new tyres to rear

During last week when swapping original rear tyres to the front and therefore fitting new tyres to rear as recommended we discovered that two of our customers had nails imbedded in the rear tyres and they were not aware.We were able to repair both tyres and both customers were delighted that we had decided to move rear tyres and spot problem. Another customer saw us use our soft head mallet to release rear tyres as they had seized on the vehicle and the question followed 'What could i have done if i had a puncture and needed to remove wheel to fit the spare? Unfortunately the answer is Nothing!


Where is winter?

The winter must surely arrive soon and when it does i guess it will be a nasty shock so check your tyres now so you are not left spinning on your drive.


This is a good time to fit Tyron Bands

Many caravan owners are sensibly removing their caravan wheels and storing them in the garage during the winter months to avoid excessive weather wear to the tyres.This is a great opportunity to fit Tyron Bands so you will be safe in the event of a blow out during next summer.Give us a call now and we will visit you at home or your storage unit.


Changing a wheel in the dark

We have been advising motorists recently to prepare for winter driving such as inflating your tyres,checking that the spare is usable,locating your jack and locking wheel nut adaptor. This is all very good if you get a puncture in the daylight hours but more motorists will have problems in the dark now the clocks have changed so carry a torch with your vehicle at all times as there is little point in having all the relevant kit if you cannot see to use it.


BBC programme The One Show confirms that many drivers are not checking the safety of their tyres

The One Show on BBC one has confirmed that many motorists are ignoring the state of their tyres and therefore increasing the dangers of having an accident.They stated that six cars out of ten could have at least one faulty tyre and they also ran a test that showed the difference in stopping distances when using badly worn tyres in comparison to using good tyres.


Hometyre launch in Harlow and surrounding areas

Yesterday we had four mobile units in Harlow assisting Will in his Launch and we spoke to numerous people advising them that they no longer need to leave the house or workplace to get new tyres. Give Hometyre a call and wait for Will to arrive in his bright new shiny van.


Customers delighted with free tyre checks at Sainsbury Store

We held a free tyre check service at Sainsbury Store in central Cambridge during this week when we checked customers tyres and advised them on many issues such as preparing for the winter months ahead. Shoppers were delighted with the services we provided and the information we gave them.


Treadcam could be on the way

Treadcam is a Procontour machine that has been developed in Germany that is placed on a road and uses lasers to check the state of tyres on passing vehicles.Details of any tyres below the legal limit are sent to a waiting police officer down the road,who then pulls over the driver. The device will cost £43,000 to fit so decisions will be made in the future on whether this is a viable proposition to be implemented in the uk.


Hometyre Cambridge raises funds for local charity

We are delighted to announce that during the summer when we have taken our mobile unit to shows and fetes we have raised £175.20p for The Red Balloon charity which helps children that have been bullied at school. We would like to thank all who supported us for this very worthwhile cause.


Shell driving survey

Shell have completed a survey suggesting that by implementing better driving habits your fuel bill could be reduced dramatically and one of the actions is to inflate tyres to correct pressure. It would make sense at same time to check tread depth.


Tyres fitted at a time and place that suits you

I've had two jobs this week where the time and place booked was very specific:

First,I had to be at the home address of a customer in Fenham, newcastle for 5.30pm as he was only going to be there for 30 minutes. On site 5.15 and the car tyre was changed by 5.45, customer was away early for a drive down south.

Then had a job booked in at Tyne Dock in South Shields for 3.30pm. Customer was just popping into their office to drop off paperwork before heading out on calls again. I had the tyre changed in15 minutes and the car was ready to drive away as she came out of her office.

So if your tie is valuable, or you just don't have enough why not try the mobile tyre fitting service from Hometyre, saving you time and money on your next set of car Tyres.


Hometyre reminder to check Caravan tyres now

We are now in July so if you have not looked at your tyres on your Caravan or Campervan now is the time. Check the age of your tyres and look for any cracks on the sidewall and if you have any concerns give us a call.


Hometyre had a great day yesterday at The Two Counties Motor Show

Hometyre had a great day at The Two Counties Motor Show yesterday where we met and spoke to lots of people about a variety of subjects such as fitting Runflats,performing wheel alignments,supplying new tyres at competitive prices and also fitting Tyron bands to caravans and campervans. The glorious weather boosted the crowds and all were very impressed with our Mobile unit and the equipment it carries.


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