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I will be changing radio station in bad weather

Last year when the snow came i changed from listening to a national radio station to a local one as the traffic alerts were more relevant to the Cambridge area and i avoided local trouble spots on a least five occasions so it is well worth doing.

Winter tyre change in Longstanton

Heading this afternoon to perform summer to winter tyre swap in Longstanton so are you ready and prepared for the big freeze predicted for next week?

Winter Tyres fitted and heading for the Alps

Just fitted four winter tyres for a regular customer who spends our winter months touring Europe.He usually visits at least two countries where winter tyres are a legal requirement so don't be caught out if you fancy a scenic tour of Europe during the winter months.

Locking Wheel nuts

Visited a couple of customers where we had trouble removing locking nuts to fit new tyres so here are some tips.

Make sure adaptor is in vehicle at all times and in good condition and do not let mechanics working on your vehicle tighten nuts with a gun.


Winter tyres

Now is the time to seriously consider winter tyres as when the weather does change for the worse it usually changes quickly so now is the time to check availability for you vehicle.

Flooding on motorway

Travelling home yesterday from a long weekend was not an easy task as the M6 was covered in water in many areas and there were numerous accidents along the way due to flooding.I kept thinking about some drivers who are leaving changing their tyres to the very last minute and there is only one conclusion Don't!


Water water everywhere.

Had an extremely busy day today and got thoroughly soaked and most roads were covered in water so beware if you need to stop in a hurry.


Points to consider if your tyres are illegal

I have taken off at least six tyres this week that have been illegal as motorists are leaving it to the very last minute to renew their tyres.The following points will keep you safe on the roads and will save you money. 1.The roads are very dry at present and when heavy rain comes you need maximum traction to avoid skidding. 2.Each illegal tyre on your vehicle will cost you 3 penalty points on your driving licence. 3.Each illegal tyre carries a fine of £2500 so if two tyres on your vehicle are illegal you could be asked to pay £5000 in fines. 4.A recent independent survey has found that most part worn tyres that are resold are illegal so buy new.


Many thanks he said you have just saved me £5

A customer shook my hand and said great job at a good price and The Daily Mail are saying you have saved me an extra £5.57p.The article stated that drivers are paying 55.7p a mile to keep their car on the road and his nearest static tyre site was five miles away.That is what i call logical thinking.


Sunshine at last

A trip to the seaside could be on the agenda for many this weekend so before you leave in your car,caravan or campervan check your tyres to avoid any nasty delays.


Runflat tyres need attention too.

I am getting a sense that drivers are not checking and inflating their runflat tyres as they feel the tyre sensor display on the dashboard will always let them know when to add air.I have visited a couple of customers this week where the tyres were not inflated to the right pressure and the sensor did not alert them, so it is advisable to check and inflate runflats as you would a normal tyre.


Doing low mileage?Check the age of your tyres.

I have visited two customers this week who both were doing very few miles and their tyres had decent tread but were showing signs of wear on the sidewalls.We suggest you change your tyres if they are over five years old as they will deteriorate in strength therefore increasing the chances of you getting a blow out whilst driving.


It still keeps raining

It looks like it is going to be sunshine then heavy showers for most of May so make sure your tyres are safe as a heavy shower falling on a dry road will make driving more hazardous.


Let's all say No to part worn tyres

A colleague has spotted an article on google where an independant organisation has tested the activity of selling and fitting part worn tyres.They bought 50 tyres from various outlets and garages and tested them and only found ONE tyre out of the 50 to be legal.We all know things are tight at the moment but surely this is not an option if we want to be safe on the roads.


In these difficult times do not ignore the important things.

It is tempting when money is tight to delay such things as an annual service on your vehicle and leave replacing tyres to the very last minute.If you look after your vehicle on a regular basis it will actually save you money in the long term.


Things to do when it stops raining.

When it does actually stop raining it will be a good idea to check your tyres as the roads will be treacherous during May as the weather report is suggesting the wet spell will last for most of this month.If there is any doubt concerning your tyres give us a call and we will check them.


We are back from a wet and soggy Motorhome Show

We had a good weekend fitting tyres and Tyron bands at the Motorhome Show at Peterborough despite the appalling weather and i just hope all of the Motorhomes that were stuck in the mud managed to get free.I am always impressed with the resolve campers show in adverse conditions so well done to all.


We are ready for The Motorhome Show

Busy afternoon preparing the van for The Motorhome Show at The Peterborough Showground tomorrow and over the weekend.The van looks lovely and i am just packing the waterproofs so if you are visiting the show look out for us.


Know your jacking points

Recently i have noticed that quite a few vehicles i have visited had damage to the bodywork as the jack had been used in the wrong position so a glance in the drivers handbook would be advisable.


We will be attending The Caravan Show this weekend

We will be attending the Caravan Show at Peterborough Showground this weekend giving advise to owners on all tyre related issues.We will also be fitting new tyres and fitting Tyron bands to caravans and Campervans that require them so if you are visiting the show come and visit our stand.


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