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Can You Get Fined for Having Low Tyre Tread? Mobile Tyre Fitting in Cambridge.

What is the legal tread depth on car tyres?

The two numbers you need to remember when it comes to tyre tread are 3mm and 1.6mm.


3mm Tread Depth

This is the recommended tread depth of a car or light commercial vehicle. Tyres are recommended to be changed once tread reaches 3mm in a continuous band across the central ¾ of the tyre. The reason for this is because once a tyre reaches this depth, stopping distances increase, handling worsens and control of your vehicle, especially in wet conditions, becomes more difficult.

Studies from ROSPA show that stopping distances (m) when tread depth is 6mm are around 24m, when tread is as low as 3mm the distance increases to 27m and then to a shocking 35m when tread reaches the legal limit.

1.6mm Tread Depth

This is a number you don't want to see on your tyres! 1.6mm is the legal tread depth on a car or light commercial tyre. Once this tread depth is reached, your grip to the road surface is hugely reduced and the likeliness of an accident is much higher.

Although the most important factor of having sufficient tread depth is without a doubt SAFETY another thing that comes into play is cost!

It might seem like an "unnecessary" expense to change your tyres, especially at this time of year with Christmas just around the corner. However, if you can stopped and your tread depth is below the legal limit, you risk a fine of up to £2,500 per tyre and 3 points on your licence. Which is a lot more costly than a new tyre.

Check Your Tyres!

The most important thing you can do is ensure the ONLY point of contact you have with the road surface is in good condition, safe and legal! Find out more on how to check your tyres and if you still need assistance, call us!

0333 444 5454

You can also book a to-the-minute appointment online – ORDER MY TYRES!


Why is my Tyre Pressure Light Flashing? | TPMS Repair or Replacement Mobile


If your TPMS light is illuminated on your dashboard but it's not a constant light and is flashing – your problem doesn't lie with your tyres or tyre pressure.

The most likely issue here is that you have a problem with the sensor itself. A TPMS Sensor is against to the wheel rim (inside the inflated tyre), it's attached to the valve stem which then follows a TPMS core through to the cap (where you put air in!), as shown below...


The sensor is an electronic device which transmits Tyre Pressure, Tyre Air Temperature, Battery Status and a Unique ID Number to the cars on-board computer, a.k.a. the vehicle's "brain"!

Some, or all, of these data fields are captured by the vehicle's ECU to report a loss of pressure/punctures etc to the driver. Since 2014, TPMS has been compulsory on all cars and can be a potential MOT failure if not operating correctly. These sensors have a battery life of approximately 5-7 years (this may vary between manufacturers), so if you've got a flashing light on your dash and your vehicle is around 5 years old, this will likely be the cause!

Our mobile tyre fitting vans are fully equipped to deal with all TPMS repair/replacement issues, including programming and coding a brand-new replacement TPMS Sensor.

Wheel Swaps with TPMS Sensors

It is sometimes advised to swap your wheels over when you have new tyres fitted, with indirect TPMS this wouldn't cause an issue. This is because the TPMS works off the ABS and sends a signal to the vehicle when you have a problem with any of your tyres.

Direct TPMS will alert your vehicle of the exact tyre the problem lies with, hence why swapping your wheels can cause a problem! The ECU will be trying to read a code for the front sensor but from the rear wheel… resulting in a confused car and a flashing light on your dash!

If you've got a problem with your TPMS light – call us! We can come out and fix the problem for you, fully mobile with a time specific appointment to suit you.

0333 444 5454


Second Hand Tyres - The Dangers Of Part Worn

Are second hand tyres worth the saving?

One of my regular customers asked for my opinion on second hand tyres, as some of her work colleagues were suggesting they could be an option in these difficult times. I informed her that there have been quite a few independent studies recently on the quality and safety of part worn tyres and suggested she search the internet for the final conclusions.

Upon reading about the dangers of second hand tyres, she was horrified with the findings and informed her colleagues not to compromise safety.

One thing you have to ask yourself is - "Why would somebody take a perfectly good and safe tyre off their vehicle?"

The answer is - THEY WOULDN'T!

Where do part worn tyres usually come from?

Scrap Yards

Old or badly accident damaged cars are sold for scrap. The tyres are often removed from these vehicles to be recycled into the tyre market.


Tyres that are removed from vehicles by reputable tyre fitters will normally be stored on site before being removed for disposal through environmentally friendly way. Sadly, these stores are often rifled and tyres with any level of legal tread depth - without discussion on why the tyre has been removed for instance because of irreparable punctures or due to damage caused by hitting pot-holes. Some tyre fitting businesses have taken the step of eliminating this problem by drilling holes in the sides of scrap tyres to ensure that they cannot be reused as tyres.

The regulations on Part Worn tyres are part of the Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulation 1994. The onus is on the reseller to test the tyres to ensure they are safe and to then apply a vulcanised patch to confirm this has been done and to mark the tyres clearly as PART WORN. Some of the tyres which are part worn will have been repaired however there is no competency test for a "properly repaired" tyre and no traceability on the test examination.


Regulations in certain other European countries require tyres be changed when they have 3mm of tread depth on them 1.4mm more than the UK. Additionally, in many European countries there is a legal requirement to change from Summer to Winter Tyres.

Many of the tyres removed have 3mm to 6mm of tread depth left on them, it is largely uneconomic to store these over the winter period and then to refit these. Many of these tyres find their way to the UK to be resold as part worn tyres.

This creates significant problems for the UK in that at the end of their life they must be destroyed in an environmentally friendly way. Research has shown that in 2009 Germany exported 69,000 tones of used tyres, it is believed that many of these came to the UK.

Hometyre do not sell part worn tyres, however should you wish to purchase new tyres start your search here!



Hometyre Cambridge Fleet Checks! | Hometyre Mobile Tyre Fitting

Maintaining a fleet of vehicles can be time consuming and checking the tyres is often overlooked. Hometyre Cambridge can provide fleet checks at the place of work or even at the work's address (as long as we have coverage of the area!).


Checking tyre regularly can help monitor wear patterns, identify punctures and ensures the vehicles will be ready to head out into the open world.

Instead of waiting until the tyre is barely legal, or when the vehicle is in for a maintenance service (or on the legal tread limit of 1.6mm), changing tyres at the recommended depth of 3mm not only saves money on fuel by reducing the rolling resistance of the tyre but can also help prevent punctures as there's more tread for the object to go through! Sadly new tyres don't have a forcefield and are still susceptible to big nails but every little helps.

If you were looking at booking a free fleet check, why not contact us on 0333 444 5454 or send an enquiry to!


Trailer Tyres Changing in Histon | Hometyre Mobile Tyre Fitting Service

Tyres come in all shapes and sizes. During the summer months we are often called out to the farming community to change their tyres on horse boxes or sheep trailers to get them ready for market. A customer in Histon called us up regarding some 165R13 commercial tyres.

Because they had been sitting through the winter months with no cover and with little movement, the tyres had started to perish. This was also compounded by the fact they were over 10 years old! After the customer had chosen their preferred commercial rated tyre, we popped them on the van and headed out to their location.


Upon arrival, we moved the trailer to a more suitable location (partially parked in a hedge row results in us being unable to change one of the tyres!) and set about removing the wheels. The old tyres were removed, and the wheels checked for any signs of corrosion. Despite being parked in a muddy area, the rims were in quite good condition with no signs of needing a bead seal! Proceeding onwards, the tyres were installed, inflated and balanced on our mobile balancing machine.

If you're looking at getting some commercial tyres for your caravan, motorhome or trailer, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send an email enquiry to!


Can I get my Caravan Tyres changed in storage?

Many leisure vehicle owners will be entering the Spring months with an excited view to get their beloved Caravan or Motorhome out of storage for the upcoming season!

If you've kept your caravan in storage over the winter months, perhaps even over the lockdown months of last summer as well, you may have it booked in for a service with your local caravan maintenance specialist.

If your caravan engineer advises you need new tyres on your caravan, it's most likely going to be due to age related issues. Leisure vehicle owners seldom ever wear their tyres down and the majority of tyre changes we see on these are because the tyres have reached the recommended life span of 5/6 years.

The great news is, if you've been advised to change your tyres at the storage site, you don't need to look any further! We're able to come to the site and change your tyres FULLY MOBILE.

CaravanFittingHometyre Caravan_in_Thetford

TYRON™ Bands?

Not a problem! We're authorised by TYRON™ to install, remove and refit the safety bands. All available to you, fully mobile!

Do you want to book your caravan in for some new shoes? Just call us on 0333 444 5454 or click below to order your tyres online!



Spring 2021 is Officially Here! | Check Your Tyres in Cambridgeshire!

Today marks the official start of Spring 2021 and we couldn’t be happier! It’s not been a long and difficult winter for many people across the UK and I’m sure we’re not the only people ready for the lighter nights and some much needed vitamin D!


Preparing Your Vehicle for Summer

Although the road conditions aren’t as treacherous as they are in the winter months, you still need to keep an eye on the condition of your tyres. The important things to check are as follows…

  • Tyre Pressures
  • Tread Depths
  • General Conditions – Cracks in the rubber etc


Do you have plans for a staycation?

If you’re going long journey when lockdown restrictions are eased across the UK, you may be taking along your children, pets, bicycles, kayaks, extra luggage… the point here is, EXTRA WEIGHT! If you’re carrying a heavier load than usual, you’ll need to check you’re inflating your tyres to the correct pressure! This information can generally be found in the inside of the fuel cap or the door.

Winter to Summer Swapover in Cambridge and Surrounding Areas

If you’ve been running on winters throughout the colder months, now is the time to look at pulling your summer tyres out of hibernation! If you continue to run your vehicle on your winter tyres, as the temperatures begin to rise the rubber will wear much faster on your winters due to the softer compound.

Call us today to swap back to your summer tyres!
0333 444 5454

Caravan and Motorhome Tyres in Cambridgeshire

If you’re looking at getting your caravan or motorhome out for the upcoming summer months, make sure you’ve thoroughly checked over your leisure vehicle before taking it onto the UK roads this year!

When these vehicles are stood still for long periods of time, if exposed to the sunshine can be prone to UV damage. They could also have “flat spots” from where the tyre has not been rotated. As well as the general condition of these tyres, ageing can also be a problem. Once the tyres reach around 5/6 years in age they can begin to show signs of ageing (e.g. cracking in the tread). The Caravan Club recommend changing these at 5 years for safety purposes.

To order your new CARAVAN TYRES for convenient fitting at your home address or storage site, just call us on 0333 444 5454 or ORDER ONLINE TODAY!


Tyre Pressure Warning Light | TPMS Repair and Replacement Fully Mobile in Cambridgeshire


What does the TPMS warning light mean?

The whole point of a TPMS warning light is to alert you, the driver, of a problem with the tyre pressures which could result in unsafe driving conditions. One of the main causes of the light is due to underinflation or a loss of pressure.

If your TPMS light has come on due to underinflation, it will be because it has dropped below the "tolerance" of underinflation as set by the manufacturer. Naturally, tyres will lose pressure over time, however tyres which are underinflated below the minimum could result in uneven tyre wear, which may lead to possible tyre failure.

It's not just underinflation that can be a problem! Overinflation can also cause premature tyre wear, as well as decreased traction and a lower ability to absorb impact and shock from the road. Overinflated tyres will show higher wear in the centre of the tread, whereas underinflation will result in shoulder wear.

What should I do if my TPMS warning light comes on?

Contact Hometyre! If your vehicle is alerting you of a sudden loss of pressure, chances are, there is a problem! You may be able to put some air in your tyres at a local fuel station and the light might go off… however, the odds are it will come back on again!

If your light has come on due to an issue with the sensor itself, not the tyres, we can still help! Our vans are kitted out with everything needed to rescan, repair and replace all parts of your TPMS sensor. Whether a small part inside the valve core needs replacing or the entire sensor needs reprogramming.

How do I get my tyre pressure light to go off?

If your TPMS light is still on following new tyres being fitted to the vehicle, try driving the car at 50mph for around 10 minutes, this should be enough to reset the sensor. The next time you start the vehicle up, the light should be gone!

If you're experiencing issues with your TPMS and you're not sure what to do, simply pick the phone up and give us a call! We'd be more than happy to help 😊 you can also check out the TPMS section on our website for more information!

Call 0333 444 5454 to book a fully mobile appointment today!


We'll be back on 4th January 2021! | Mobile Tyre Fitting Cambridge

Everyone needs a well-earned rest – at Hometyre Cambridgeshire we're taking a break over the festive period!


The main office will be open to take bookings during the below times, however we will be resuming our mobile tyre fitting services from Monday 4th January!

Christmas Eve - 8am - 1pm

Christmas Day - CLOSED

Boxing Day - CLOSED

Monday 28th December - CLOSED

Tuesday 29th December - 8am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 30th December - 8am - 5:30pm

New Years Eve - 8am - 1pm
New Years Day - CLOSED

Saturday 2nd January - 8am - 12pm

Sunday - CLOSED

4th January - BACK TO NORMAL! 8am - 5:30pm

We'd like to thank each and every one of our customers, new and old, for their continued support through 2020! We hope to see you all again in the coming years!


Road Safety Week 2020 | Tyre Checks in Cambridge


Today marks the start of Road Safety Week 2020 across the UK, the theme of this years campaign is "NO NEED TO SPEED".

Their aim with this theme is to simply convey the message that SPEED MATTERS.

One thing people across the UK have noticed with the lockdown has been the reduction in traffic on the roads, unfortunately for some drivers this has turned their local area into a personal racetrack…! One thing people may need to be reminded of, is to SLOW DOWN.

You can read more about the theme of this year's RSW by clicking here

As stated on the non-profit website, 1mph can mean the difference between life and death. Despite this, many motorists regularly break the speed limits put in place without a second thought.

Stopping Distances_1

The chart above shows both 'Thinking Distance' and 'Braking Distance' when driving, the number shown at the end is the combined (average) STOPPING DISTANCE. As you can see in the image, the difference 10mph makes when travelling at speed is a whopping 23m which is an average of over 5 car lengths, to put this in another perspective, that's almost as tall as Buckingham Palace!

One factor which HUGELY impacts stopping distances is the tread on your tyres. At the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, a vehicle's stopping distance is increased by between 36.8% and 44.6%, which is a mammoth amount and could be the difference between a close call and a fatal accident.

Make sure you're checking your tyres at least once a month, incorrect pressures and illegal tread depths can not only result in an accident but can also damage your wallet! The maximum fine PER TYRE is £2,500 along with an unwanted 3 points on your licence.


If you think your tyres might need replacing


or alternatively, you can call our friendly team on 0333 444 5454 and they will be more than happy to help you pick the correct tyres for your vehicle!


Locking Wheel Nut Removal Cambridge | Commonly Asked Questions

We take various phone calls from across the country every day from customers who require a Locking Wheel Nut Removal. Whether that be because they've lost their key, damaged their key or the nuts have previously been overtightened - just to name a few!

At Hometyre, we're here to help! We have a high success rate in removing those pesky little nuts by using the specialist locking wheel nut removal tooling we carry on board our mobile tyre fitting vans.

What Is A Locking Wheel Nut Key?


Example of Locking Wheel Nut Key

The Locking Wheel Nut was originally designed to protect your alloy wheels from being stolen. Each individual set of locking wheel nuts will be matched to a unique key with an indent that matches up to that of the nut.

They are fitted as a set of 4, 1 per wheel, alongside standard wheel nuts. Most new cars come with locking wheel nuts as standard and as a result of this "wheel theft" in the UK is at an all time low.

The easiest way to remove these nuts is with the specific key and pattern to match, meaning if you lose or damage your locking wheel nut key, removing your wheels is going to be a little trickier!

Luckily, here at Hometyre, our mobile tyre fitting vans are fully kitted out with the correct tooling and an experienced technician to endeavour to remove them.

Where Do I Find My Locking Wheel Nut Key?

It's usually the way that you don't even think to look for your locking wheel nut key until you end up with a puncture! If you're faced with a puncture and you're not sure what a locking wheel nut key is, let alone where to find it, relax!

Most manufacturers will have a standard location for the locking wheel nut key within each vehicle, but once it has been used once, this may change! The previous person to use your locking wheel nut key may well have found it in the boot and returned it to the glove box! There is no right or wrong answer to this question, the best way to find out is to get digging!

Some common places to find your locking wheel nut key are listed below

  • Glove box
  • Boot - including all of the separate compartments
  • Some vehicles may have hidden compartments under the seats
  • Pockets at the back of the front seats
  • Cup holders
  • Door pockets
  • Ash tray
  • Under the boot carpet
  • Under the spare wheel

If you cannot find your locking wheel nut key in any of the above locations, don't panic! Just call Hometyre and we can come out to a location of your choice and remove your locking wheel nuts for you.

To find out more about our methods of removal, click here or call 0333 444 5454 to chat to a member of our friendly team!



The full works for a VW Golf in Willingham - 2 New Bridgestone Tyres, Wheel Alignment and a Tyre Swapover!

We received an online order from a repeat customer in Willingham, they were looking for a pair of brand new Bridgestone tyres to be fitted to their VW Golf. We had previously been out and fitted a pair of Bridgestone tyres to the rear axle, the customer was looking to replace their front tyres due to them now being below the recommended limit of 3mm.

We advised the customer, as we always do, that new tyres are better fitted to the rear axle. This surprises some of our customers as they often get told new tyres are better off being fitted to the front because these are the driving wheels and need the best tread, as well as being less likely to suffer a puncture. Although this may sound logical, it is not the case!

This is because the front axle has the weight of the engine and the steering capabilities which means the rear axle needs all the help it can get! By having the tyre with the newer tread on the rear it will give it more grip to the road surface.

We are able to perform a tyre swap-over for a very small additional cost which will hugely benefit your new tyres in the long run! For more information on why we fit new tyres to the rear axle, just click here This works the same if we're replacing both off-side tyres for example, we can move the two nearside tyres to the front axle and fit the brand new tyres to the same axle on the rear, easy!


Once we had fitted the new tyres and carried out a tyre swap-over, we popped on the alignment gauges and performed a free wheel alignment check for the customer. In this instance the customers alignment was unfortunately out. Using our laser alignment equipment we are able to physically show a customer how misaligned their wheels are and explain the benefits of having this corrected.

If your wheels are misaligned when you have new tyres fitted, you could lose thousands of miles off them which is a lot more costly than the price of an alignment in the long run! For more information on wheel alignment, click here.

If you want to talk to one of our friendly team to book an appointment, just call 0333 444 5454 or book an appointment via the website today!


Mobile Tyre Fitting following the UK Lockdown

Can I get my tyres changed during lockdown?

The answer is yes! Even better, you don't have to leave the safety of your own home to do so. Here at Hometyre, we are able to bring the tyre fitting to your front door, we offer a completely contactless tyre fitting service, keeping the risk to both you and us to a minimal.

We have remained operational throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and have done all we can to amend our fitting service to be as contact free and safe as possible.

Although MOT expiry dates are being extended by 6 months, your tyres will not wait for 6 months! If you're still driving your vehicle during the pandemic, you still need to ensure your tyres are above the legal tread depth of 1.6mm. For more information on when you need to change your tyres, click here.


If your car has been sat on your driveway in Ely, Cambridge and surrounding areas for the past 12 weeks and you're thinking of heading out on a maiden voyage post lockdown, it is worth taking a few minutes to go outside to your vehicle to give it a once over, one of the most important parts of which is… check your tyres!

If your tyres are looking a little flat or you're concerned about a potential puncture or valve issue, give us a call! We can come to your home address and carry out a tyre inspection

You can book a tyre fitting by using the search box at the top right hand side of the page or simply call our team on 0333 444 5454 if you have any questions regarding a mobile tyre fitting in Cambridgeshire.


COVID-19 Update



Hometyre Cambridge remains fully operational throughout the lockdown, however we are prioritising front-line NHS, police, fire and ambulance workers.

If you have or know anyone that has a dependency on a vehicle for essential supplies, visiting elderly, with *urgent* tyre issues, please forward them to us on 0333 444 5454 or book in via our website

In the meantime, take care and stay safe, from all of us at Hometyre.


Bead Seal and Two Tyres for Honda Jazz

As the age of a car increases, the likely hood that it will need a bead seal on the alloy increases. Having a bad bead normally results in a slow puncture and can be fixed relatively easily. Whilst we were there, the customer also got herself booked in for two new front Firestone tyres. With the pre-inspection complete, we removed the old tyres and took a look at the bead to see what the issue was.


Turns out, rust was the issue! Despite only being 13 years old, this little Jazz had started to develop a rust issue on the rim. To help adhesion with the bead sealant, we air chiseled away the rust, put down a protective coating to help prevent rust and then put the sealant on top. The new 185/ 55 R15 Firestone Road Hawk tyre was then fitted and blown up to the correct pressure.

With both tyres back on the vehicle, we did a quick test drive to ensure that everything was up to scratch. With the seal of approval, the customer was sent on his way!

If you're encountering a slow puncture or you need new tyres, give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send over an email!


Continentals for a Volkswagen Sharan

Volkswagen Sharans have been with us for quite a while now. But, the newer generations seem to be more popular then ever. We went out to this 2013 Sharan that needed two front tyres replacing. As the customer did quite a lot of mileage per year (nearly 50,000!) he opted to go for Continental Premium Contact 6s which provide good fuel economy and fantastic wet weather performance.

Upon arriving to the customer's vehicle, we inspected all four tyres (and the spare) to see how they were wearing and if any were in nearing the legal limit. With the pre-inspection complete, we removed the front two wheels and removed the old Continentals. After fitting the new tyres, balancing and providing a quick clean, these were then swapped over to the rears as this provides better traction to the vehicle.

With the new tyres on the vehicle, the customer gave it a quick spin and concluded that it was slightly quieter and felt the same, which is always a good thing!

If your SUV or people carrier needs new tyres, give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send over an email!


Puncture Repair for a Toyota Hilux in Cambridge

A couple of days ago, a customer phoned in to get a booking for his Toyota Hilux which had had an encounter with a rather large nail. The tyre was slowly deflating over a period of a couple of days, but the customer informed us that it wasn't urgent. Instead of leaving it to later, we got the customer booked in for the next morning.

Although the customer described the perfect scenario for a successful puncture repair (the foreign object being in the centre of the tread and being less than 6mm wide), we always take a spare tyre just in case something comes up an the tyre isn't repairable. As the customer uses his Hilux for occasional offroading, he opted to go for the Bridgestone Dueler.


Upon arriving at the customers house, we pre-inspected the vehicle for any other mishaps. The car was jacked up and the wheel removed. With the wheel on the turntable, we removed the tyre and inspected the nail. Luckily, everything was in good shape so we removed the nail and sealed the hole with a plug patch and rubber cement!

At the cost of only £45 Inc VAT, the customer was back on the road with full confidence within 40 minutes!

If you have a slow leak or a puncture, give us a call on 0333 444 5454!


Two Avon Tyres for a Toyota Yaris

Unfortunately for this customer, they had hit the curb when turning into their cul-de-sac which resulted in the two near-side tyres being burst! But, luckily for them we had the tyres in stock which meant that we could get out to them within the hour.

After a bit of a struggle, the old and blown 155/65 R14 tyres were removed from the rims and replaced with two brand new Avon ZT7 tyres. As the new tyres were being fitted to only one side of the vehicle, we suggested that both new tyres be moved to the rear as this provides the best grip whilst driving on the road!

If you need new tyres, give us a call on 0800 783 9310 to book your appointment!


Slow Leak for a Volkswagen Tiguan

With the sun beating down on us whilst we work, the large Tiguan SUV provided enough shade to cool us down whilst we removed the wheels. The customer had booked well in advance as they had noticed a slow leak coming from one of their wheels (the TPMS sensor had also come on). We enquired about the other tyres and asked how they were wearing as well.

With a bit more information about the situation, we arrived at the job with three tyres as the customer believed the front two needed doing as they were wearing down past the limit. The pre inspection proved that this indeed was the case!


After the pre-inspection, we removed the leaking rear tyre to get a better understanding as to why it was loosing air pressure. It turns out that there was a small hole (the size of a pin) on the inner face of the tyre. As it was in this location, unfortunately it can't be repaired.

The old Continental tyres were removed and replaced with a new set of Sport Contact 5's in the 235/55 R18 size. This matched what the customer had on already!

If your car has a slow leak or you're in need of new tyres, give us a call on 0800 783 9310 to book your appointment!


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Change

A new customer from Stretham contacted our sales team as their tyre pressure monitoring system had gone a bit askew and was throwing an error code on their dashboard.

Whilst carrying out the pre-inspection service, we noted the two front tyres were becoming low on tread (2.1mm for the front near side and 1.9 for the front off side). This was relayed back to the customer who said that he would like to be booked in at a later date for these to be replaced.


Checking the TPMS systems using our sensor indicated that it was the rear off-side unit that had gone nuts. Using the old unit, we copied the DNA of the unit onto a brand new replacement sensor. This was then placed back into the wheel and given a test.

If you have a TPMS system, we provide a free service to check the units. If your vehicle is producing a warning light for the TPMS system, give us a call on 0333 444 5454


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