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With Summer 2021 hitting us with its (most likely) final heatwave, we can't help but notice the nights are drawing in and soon temperatures will begin to drop!

One thing to keep in mind as we head into the colder and wetter months is the condition of your tyres. Tyres which may have been considered "acceptable" during the dryer months will have been wearing down and may become dangerous heading into the dreaded Winter.

Lower tread depths can result in poorer grip and a higher risk of aquaplaning. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm in an even band around the central ¾ of the tyre, however the recommended depth to change your tyres at is 3mm. This is even more imperative in winter conditions with the likeliness of aquaplaning and driving in worse conditions increasing. To find out how to check your tyres – click here!

Winters don't tend to be as harsh as they used to be across the UK, depending on where you are geographically you may well be fine running your vehicle on summer tyres all year round. Summer tyres are typically designed for temperatures above 7°C, to accommodate these temperatures they're made with a harder compound. When temperatures drop below 7°C, the compound tends to harden further and can result in reduced grip in cold weather.

Winter Tyres fitted Mobile

Some of our customers, mostly in the North of England and Scotland, opt for winter tyres between October and March/April (depending on weather conditions of each year). We not only offer the supply and fit of brand new winter tyres but also the service of bi-annual seasonal tyre swap-overs at an address of our customer's choice.

To browse options for winter tyres in your size, simply go to our homepage, enter your tyre size and postcode, search for options and filter by "Winter" on the Search Filter on the left hand side (shown below).


To read more about the benefits of Winter Tyres – click here!

All Season Tyres

Many of our customers don't want to opt for switching their tyres seasonally and perhaps cannot store their tyres during the "off season". In which case, if you're looking for a good all rounder – look no further! All Season Tyres are designed to do exactly what they say on the tin! Perform well in both warmer weather and snow/ice.

To read more about All Season Tyres – click here!


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