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Welcome to Mobile tyre fitting Swindon
Call us now for tyre advice or order your tyres online to have me fit them for you at home or work!


Mobile tyre fitting Swindon

We're sorry we don't currently offer service in Swindon.

Please try again next time you need tyres fitted at home or work!

We're recruiting for a mobile tyre franchise owner here in Swindon!

Could it be you or someone you know?

There are countless tyre enquirers just like you who require this service in the area!
Mobile tyre fitting is continuously gathering momentum and public interest. Our mobile tyre franchise model offers everything you need to provide an exceptional tyre service to tens of thousands of motorists across Swindon.

For more information, call us today on 01743 861183 (Option 2)


Our highly trained mobile tyre service technicians have years of experience. We don't sub-contract tyre fitting, so you can be confident of our high standards of service. If you want your new tyres fitted without disruption to your busy schedule, then our mobile tyre service is the solution that you are looking for. Book an appointment down to the minute and our state of the art mobile tyre service vans will arrive at the specified time (not just am or pm) and quickly replace your worn tyres with your choice of new products.

Locking Wheel nut removal

If your vehicle requires a locking wheel nut adaptor to remove the wheels make sure you know where the adaptor is located on your vehicle as it will be impossible to remove a wheel without it. If the adaptor is missing or damaged give us a call and we will come and release the locking wheel nuts and advise accordingly.

Caravan And Mobile Home tyres

Most caravans and campervans are checked and prepared for the holiday season with a spring clean and possibly a service but it is quite usual for the wear of the tyres to be ignored. The tyres will do less mileage than a family car and will look ok as the tread depth will not dramatically reduce but as the tyres reach five or more years in age cracking could appear so we are suggesting that you change your tyres after five years. There is a Dot code on the sidewall of the tyre which will tell you which year your tyre was constructed.

Tyron Bands

We are regularly meeting Caravan owners who are concerned on the impact to them and their vehicle if they have a blow out on their journey and our advice is very simple have Tyron Bands fitted to your wheels to prevent the tyre leaving the rim in the event of a puncture. Most insurance companies will look favourably if they are fitted so your yearly premium could be reduced. We will come and supply new tyres and fit Tyron Bands or if your existing tyres are ok we will just fit Tyron Bands.

Puncture Repairs

If you are in or near Swindon and you get a Puncture give us a call and we will come and fix the problem as soon as possible and if we are not able to repair the puncture due to serious damage we are able to source and fit you a new tyre so we can get you back on the road with no fuss so give us a call and there is no call out charge saving you time and money.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are a sensible option as they will give you better traction on the roads in rain and snow and it is also an affordable option as while you are using your winter tyres you are not wearing down your summer tyres. Give our sales team a call and they will advise on the type of winter tyre you require and the cost of supplying and fitting them.

HOMETYRE - the easiest way to replace or repair your tyres.

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Very convenient and very professional. Great service and good price.

Steven Johnston (Mobile tyre fitting Runcorn) - 26/05/2016

Great Service!

Alastair (Mobile tyre fitting Garstang) - 26/05/2016

Very good service arrived early worked quickly very knowledgeable on PSI for the caravan tyres. His Mobile workshop was neat and tidy will use company again.

Eric Hickman (Mobile tyre fitting Solihull) - 26/05/2016

Efficient servicd with a smile. Gave good advice and fitted my Tyron Bands promptly. Many thanks!

Colin Brooks (Mobile tyre fitting Walsall) - 26/05/2016

Hello I just want to compliment you on a fantastic service. I called you at 8.30 this morning and by 2.30 this afternoon, my tyre had been replaced. Al was brilliant and I...

Jemma Wyatt (Mobile tyre fitting Basingstoke) - 26/05/2016

This is my 3rd time of using Hometyre and seeing the same person gives me confidence to build up a relationship enabling me to ask for advice with tyres . This time I had the...

Douglas Tyrrell (Mobile tyre fitting Bognor Regis) - 25/05/2016

Niall was superb. Will always use him for our car tyres which consists of 7 cars as I am a family chauffeur. Great service from a professional person.

James Adams (Mobile tyre fitting Heathrow) - 25/05/2016

Absolutely fantastic service.Keith was very efficient,and explained things very clearly. Would 100% recommend. Many thanks.

Susan Pirie (Mobile tyre fitting Aberdeen) - 25/05/2016
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