Brand New Tyres and a Wheel Alignment in Winchester!


We received an online order from a repeat customer in Winchester, they were looking for a pair of brand new GT Radial tyres to be fitted to their VW Golf. We had recently been out and fitted the same tyres to the rear axle, the customer was looking to replace their front tyres due to them now being below the recommended limit of 3mm.

Should I fit new tyres to the front or back?

We advised the customer, as we always do, that new tyres are better fitted to the rear axle. This shocks some of our customers as they often get told new tyres are better off being fitted to the front because these are the driving wheels and need the best tread, as well as being less likely to suffer a puncture. Although this may sound logical, it is not the case!

This is because the front axle has the weight of the engine and the steering capabilities which means the rear axle needs all the help it can get! By having the tyre with the newer tread on the rear it will give it more grip to the road surface.

We are able to perform a tyre swap-over for a very small additional cost which will hugely benefit your new tyres in the long run! For more information on why we fit new tyres to the rear axle, just click here

Mobile Wheel Alignment in Winchester

Once we had fitted the new tyres and carried out a tyre swap-over, we popped on the alignment gauges and performed a free wheel alignment check for the customer. In this instance the customers alignment was unfortunately out. Using our laser alignment equipment we are able to physically show a customer how misaligned their wheels are and explain the benefits of having this corrected.


If your wheels are misaligned when you have new tyres fitted, you could lose thousands of miles off them which is a lot more costly than the price of an alignment in the long run! For more information on wheel alignment, click here.

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