Winter to Summer Swap Over for a Ford Kuga in Bathgate

This year, summer seems to have only lasted for a week with clouds and rain being the norm. A little depressing.

Normally we would post a blog like this during the winter months but, it’s time to start thinking about swapping your summer tyres to winters or, at the very least, checking your winters to make sure they are in good condition for the months to come.

Especially in the rural areas south of Edinburgh, the winter months can be very harsh with feet of snow and ice covering paths. With the amount of salt used on the roads over the last few last years, we are starting to see more vehicles needing bead seals as the salt collects in the area between the tyre and wheel causing corrosion and slow leaks of air. Picking up a second pair of cheap steel wheels for example (as long as they fit the vehicle!) is a great way to protect your nice and shiny alloy wheels during the harsh winter months.

We recently attended a clients work address to perform an inspection and a swap onto the winter wheels as they were heading to Switzerland in the coming month. Choosing a date, time and location to suit them. We arrived at the customer's address and checked all four tyres + the spare for the pressures, tread depth and generally how they were wearing across the whole tyre before proceeding to change them to the winter wheels with winter tyres already installed. The rear summer tyres were still in great condition with about 5mm of tread left but, the front tyres were wearing quicker – around 3mm and would need to be changed sooner rather than later. 1.6mm is the legal limit with 3mm being the recommended time to change the tyres.


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