Puncture Repair for a Mitsubishi Outlander in Edinburgh

The Mitsubishi Outlander, one of the brands most popular vehicles. Although being a heavy beast, the PHEV version can still achieve a 74MPGe on the motorway.

This customer had recently called us to book in for a puncture repair or tyre as they had come out to the car one morning to find a flat tyre. With all puncture repairs, we take a spare tyre just in case the tyre is not repairable. As per Mitsubishi's guidelines, they recommend keeping the same brand all round as well as keeping the tread depths the same.

If we were to pop just the one new tyre on, this can cause the ASC (Active Stability Control) and 4 wheel drive light to appear on the dashboard. This is down to the axle drive motors (PHEV, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) in the axles as they need to have matching tread depths on both sides to ensure the motors are spinning at the correct speeds. If one side is slightly lower on tread, it will throw an issue into the system because one side has a smaller rolling circumference. Mitsubishi strongly recommends changing all four tyres at once but, replacing two on the same axle is OK as a non permanent solution.


Upon arrival to the customers' house, we inspected all four tyres to record and monitor the wear patterns. All four were at six millimeters which is a good sign they have previously been replaced in a set of four. Using soapy water, we spritzed the tyre and looked for bubbles. This is an easy way to detect the location of a puncture. Sure enough, there was a small nail in the centre of the tread! The car was then jacked up and placed onto jackstands where we could remove the puncture wheel. This was then popped onto the workbench in our van and the bead of the tyre broken. After a quick assessment, we got to work on fixing the puncture.

Using a Dremel, the hole was drilled out slightly and the walls sanded back. We doused the area with rubber cement and pulled the puncture plug through. We then left the cement to dry for 10 minutes. After plugging, the tyre installed back onto the rim, inflated and balanced. We popped the wheel back onto the car where we hand tightened the nuts, lowered it to the floor and finally torqued the nuts to the correct setting.

After completion we took payment from the customer on our mobile card reader. But, in these unusual times, we took all the necessary steps to keep the public safe by using PPE and sanitation wipes on all surfaces.

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