Riot Van Tyron Band Tyre Change in Blackburn - Hometyre Tyron Band Installation and Maintenance

A returning customer at a local police depot in Blackburn recently called us to change all four tyres on one of the riot vans that would be heading out for service. These vehicles are often used in areas of violence so need the extra security of Tyron bands in case of deflation of the tyres – whether it be on purpose or accident. These scenarios are a great case study into why these bands are of excellent value and should be used on vehicles where blowouts or deflations can cause serious negative consequences.


Tyron bands are metal bands that are installed inside of the tyre and, as the name suggests, keep the tyre on in the event of a blowout or rapid deflation. With the tyre being kept on the wheel, the driver of the vehicle can drive to a safe location.


Installing new tyres to wheels that have the Tyron bands installed can be quite tricky. However, being approved Tyron band suppliers and installers, we have the equipment and knowledge to deal with these situations. Unlike installing tyres onto wheels without the bands, you're unable to push down the bead into the well of the tyre to remove it. Using the specialist 'cage', this equipment evenly pushes down the bead of the tyre

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