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Electric Vehicle (EV) tyres are generally much difference when compared to their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) counterparts. Using increased reinforcement to cope with the weight, to different materials for a lower rolling resistance, we always recommend going for EV rated tyres when searching for new tyres for your electric vehicle.


One key difference is that electric vehicles tend to be much, much heavier than ICE vehicles due to the weight of the battery pack. As a result, it is important to use tyres that are rated to carry the additional weight of an electric vehicle. These types of vehicles often require XL rated tyres (eXtra Load) or even HL for Heavy Load. Although HL is only manufactured for the Lucid Air in America.

Another difference to consider is that electric vehicles often have different driving characteristics than ICE vehicles. For example, they tend to have instant torque and often accelerate much faster. It is important to select tyres that can handle these differences in performance and provide the necessary grip and stability.

Finally, the main difference between a tyre rated for an ICE vehicle and an electric vehicle is the rolling resistance. Rolling resistance essentially tells you how much energy is needed for the tyre to move at a constant speed. For ICE vehicles, this isn’t too much of an issue but for electric vehicles needing as much range as possible, this quickly becomes an issue. A low rolling resistance tyre vs a high resistance tyre can be the difference of tens of miles of range.

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