Tyre Pressure Sensors Issues in the Wirral?

Tyre pressure sensors have a battery which which can last anywhere between 3-7 years. Hometyre will test the batteries as a standard part of the service using a specialist electronic tool as below:

Besides battery issues, sensors can be damaged in the tyre fitting and repair process!

Have you ever had a repair or new tyre fitted and had an issue with tyre pressure warning lights?!!

This can be due to a proper pressure reset not being performed but also could be down to a sensor that was damaged. On numerous occasions Hometyre has uncovered prior damage that was caused by negligent fitting so do your best to ensure this issue is resolved by whoever undertook the work. By contrast, our technician will trigger all the sensors before we leave the job to ensure they are at the correct pressure and to enable the pressure reset procedure. 

Finally, it is important to note that most sensors have replaceable parts  - namely the valve stem which should be replaced ideally with each tyre change. Why? They can perish or corrode (depending on the material they are made from) leading to air leaks. Unfortunately some sensors will need an entirely new unit should the stem corrode or perish.

For more information on Tyre Pressure Monitoring System issues and how Hometyre can offer you cost effective solutions CLICK HERE!


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