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Hometyre Chester mobile tyre fitting service received a call from a client in Great Boughton, Chester.

We had been to this customer many months earlier when they had been advised by a well known static tyre fitting facility that 2 new tyres were required.

When I inspected the vehicle, the tyres still had 5mm of tread remaining! Needless to say, I advised the customers that I couldn't justify fitting new tyres to the car and to give me a call much later in the year.

The car has just had its MOT and the tester advised that one of the tyres had 2.5mm left. I checked all the tyres again, the rears had 4mm and 5mm and the fronts 2.5mm and 3mm. I recommended the 2 front tyres be changed and the rear wheels swapped to the front as they were 6 years old.

It is also recommended that when fitting 1 or 2 new tyres to a car they should be located on the rear of the car for stability reasons.

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