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Recently, we had a client book in for new tyres on their vintage Hillman Minx as the previous ones were damaged and starting to perish.

These tyres are becoming harder to find by the week. But, there are still a small handful of suppliers and manufactures out there producing these types of tyres.

In the ‘more common sizes’ for classic vehicles, but still rarer than more modern tyres, big name brands such as Michelin and Pirelli and reproducing models as more and more classic and vintage cars and coming back on the road.

Michelin are recreating their X linup with faithful recreations of their X, ZX, XZX and MX series for a majority of classic sizes.

Pirelli are also recreating tyres for certain models of vehicles; The Fiat 500, Lamborghini LM002 and the Countach for example.

This 1935 Hillman Minx sat on wire wheels and needed a new set of 4.50X18 tyres as the old ones had started to perish. This is a common issue with vintage vehicles as, although the tread looks good, the tyres are starting to crack and perish with age.


As well as needing new tyres, the inner tubes and the protective tube tape (that wraps around the spoked rim to stop the ends of the spokes from poking holes in the tubes) also needed to be replaced.

Working on spoked wheels of this nature is relatively simple, it’s like working with bike tyres – only larger and heavier!

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